Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The time is nigh...

...but not quite here. While you're counting down the minutes until BaconDuJour officially relaunches, you can enjoy this classic BDJ gem from RatherGood.com: HOVER BACON!

O Happy Day

Tomorrow is September 1. Normally that wouldn't be such an exciting day, unless you get your ya-yas out by flipping the calendar page (if you do, god bless you for being so easily entertained).

This September 1, though, is especially momentous, for it is the day upon which BaconDuJour makes its triumphant return! We'll be relaunching BDJ with more of our infamous mad bacon experiments, more interviews with salted-pork enthusiasts, more tantalizing recipes, art, jokes, anecdotes, breaking news--each item chock full of salty, savory, smoky BACON.

We'd also like more of you in BDJ. We don't plan on wrapping you in bacon (unless you maybe ask real nice), but the lab techs at BDJ would like to hear from you if you have:
  • ideas for crazy bacon experiments
  • amazing bacony recipes
  • photos of your own bacon creations
  • pictorial record of making your own bacon
  • fantastic bacon dishes you've eaten at a restaurant
  • any other bacony thoughts
 Drop us a line at BDJlabs@gmail.com. We'd love to hear from you, baconeers.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's a tragic fact of adulthood, but sometimes you have to set aside the things you love to do to make way for obligations. In the case of BDJ, the lab techs had to take care of business literally. We loved writing about and eating tasty salted pork strips every day, but two things stood in the way:
1. Bacon costs money, and those government subsidies that would cover our bacon never did come through.
2. While eating bacon is its own reward, it's not financially rewarding--and bills don't pay themselves.

So, with sad faces and greasy fingers, the BDJ Labs team moved into hiatus, which let us attend to paying work, family obligations, travel, and other duties. Funny thing, though: While the savory scent of bacon faded from our lives, it never left our minds or hearts. Even funnier, our fans really missed it. Every day since we set aside the pork bellies, we've heard from friends and fellow aficionados, "Hey, when are you bringing back that goofy bacon blog?"

That's why Sept. 1, you'll be seeing BDJ make a comeback, bigger and better than before. Lots of bacon tasting, recipes, news, interviews with bacon-minded folk, etc. We're already hard at work coming up with great new stuff to share with you, our fellow carnivores. If we have to, we'll work a little late or early on all the other responsibilities in our lives, but we've come to realize that bacon is just one more thing we can't do without. We love it, and we're glad you do, too.

See you in September.