Thursday, March 11, 2010

Horror of horrors!

The idea of not being able to taste bacon was terrifying to us...until it happened! Today, we are afflicted with a nasty cold that makes us feel like our heads are packed with swamp mud, and our throats have been scrubbed with Brillo pads. Worse still, we can't taste anything, including our beloved bacon. The one upside to this: the transformation of our voices. Head BDJ Lab Tech Jenni S sounds oddly like Harvey Fierstein, which is pretty darned awesome. Anyway, the lab is going to be on hiatus until we can exorcise these germs and get our bacon-tasting mechanisms back in working order.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BREAKIN' BACON: Bacon Rocket

We've loved RatherGood ever since their bizarro Quiznos commercials bewildered America. Now, Joel Veitch and co. are ruling the Weird Wide Web with their charmingly strange videos. This video, though, isn't odd, so much as it is GENIUS. Behold...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bruce Willis ain't bacon...

...but in this new Gorillaz video, he's just as cool:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Test #206: Bacon and VEGGIE HOT DOG

The subject
We at BDJ love meat, but we don't eat it exclusively. We nosh on veggies on a very regular basis, and we've even been known to consume meat substitutes. We're big fans of the Boca 'chicken' nuggets, we dig those meatless sausage patties (especially the maple-flavored ones), and we count the all-veg Chicago Diner among our favorite Windy City eateries. Veggie dogs, however, we just can't get behind. It's probably because they just can't match the satisfying texture and meatastic flavor of your average all-beef kosher dogs. We figure they could only be improved by the addition of bacon, so we wrapped a Smart Dogs wiener in bacon and hoped for the best.

The results
Hope died upon our first bite. The foamlike texture of the 'not dog' endured, so we felt like we were biting into a bacon-wrapped hunk of couch stuffing or something similarly non-edible. We swallowed one bite, then tossed the sample into the BDJ Labs waste receptacle.

The conclusion: Bacon and veggie hot dog = Bad dog! Bad!