Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bacon Bit: "Bizarre" bacon products

We at BDJ are sick of bacon getting a bad rap. Top Chef winner Richard Blais declared via his Twitter status on Oct 14 that bacon is "overrated." Flippant news commentators refer to H1N1 as "bacon pox." We won't even go into how a certain parent of one BDJ lab staffer uses her Facebook page to deliver motherly grief over the bacon love. No respect.

And then there's food writers like this Kiri Tennenbaum of In her piece, she lists a bunch of bacon-laden products and terms them "bizarre." Slapping such a label on the tantalizing bacony items indicates that for a food writer, she's can't be much of a food adventurer. If she was, she wouldn't think the addition of bacon to ice cream, hot dogs, and other edibles is a mind-blowing concept. Sigh. Don't tell her about Bacon Salt's lip balm, or her head might explode.

The good news: This piece gives exposure to great products like Archie McPhee's bacon gumballs, the Mo's Bacon Bar at Vosges, Das Food's maple-bacon lollipop, and the fabulous-looking bacon ice cream pictured in the article, and above (note McPhee's Mr. Bacon lurking in the background).

We're still steamed about bacon's bad rap. It's not weird, it's not a passing trend, it's a way of LIFE, God dammit. Wake up and smell the salted pork, people!


  1. Yup! Too bad they gave props to das lolli- they stole the idea from (who made it way first & make them by hand), and are mass-producing lollipops with FAKE bacon (they use soy bacon bits).

  2. Hi Jason,
    nice to hear that you're still around, dude. BTW- no fake bacon bits in our lollipops. Check out the ingredient statement on our boxes. If we had soy bacon bits- we would have declared it on the label. You would have known it too if you knew anything about food labeling :)
    Back to school for you perhaps?
    Katie Das
    Das Foods LLC

  3. That's what I'd heard from customers who've tried them. To be honest, I haven't (and if I'm wrong I apologize for the misinformation).

    But either way & for real: jacking our idea was one thing- that's capitalism, so whatever- but to claim "original?" Not cool at all. I worked hard to make the idea a reality and it's doing quite well- but to be accused of "imitation" for selling a product I'd had for sale a full year before anyone else- I take that TOTALLY personally. That's not accidentally untrue- that's just straight-up lying, which is far worse than my not taking the time to read a label.

    Which, perhaps, is unprofessional of me: being able to be personally hurt by someone else's unkind business practices. But everything we've been doing at Lollyphile has been done heart on sleeve, and we're going to keep it up, even if it means continuing to watch a better-funded company steal our idea, use it as a flagship product, and defame us while doing so.

    And in the end, whatever. I already feel stupid for getting sucked into an online argument on a blog post about a blog post (PS HONESTLY NO OFFENSE MEANT, BDJPEOPLE) where I shouldn't have even bothered commenting in the first place.


  4. Didn't Mr. Blais LOSE? Maybe he's blaming bacon fans.