Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nueske's cookoff finalist #4: All you need is loaf

Nueske's cookoff finalist Elizabeth
Schuler has her eye on bacon.
When the paths of tradition and innovation intersect, great things can happen--especially when bacon also comes into play. That very well might be the case with Elizabeth Schuler's finalist entry into the Nueske's Amateur Cookoff at this year's Baconfest Chicago. Her recipe takes the humble meatloaf--a dish not normally known to induce thrills--and boosts its excitement factor up considerably with cumin, coriander...and, of course, bacon. And, if you dig this recipe, she's got more deliciousness up her sleeve--check out her blog My Communal Table for tons of other amazing dishes. Here, Ms. Schuler explains her inspiration, and her love for salted pork strips.

BDJ: How did you come up with this delicious idea?

Elizabeth: I love meatloaf, but I love cold meatloaf sandwiches as much. So I started to put things in a meatloaf that I loved to find in a terrine. Pistachios, etc. and then rolled completely in bacon. I can't wait to share it with all of you.

BDJ:  Why do you love bacon?

Elizabeth: I love how a small piece of bacon can add so much flavor to a dish. I love how satisfying it feels to have bacon with eggs in the morning, but most of all I love the look on my small son's face when he is consuming bacon. He is sooo happy. It is food of love.

BDJ:  What's your favorite way to eat bacon (besides in this recipe, of course)?

Elizabeth: Simply it is the BLT! Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich!

Elizabeth Schuler's entry takes the humble meatloaf
and kicks it up several notches with spices and bacon.
BDJ:  Why should you win?

Elizabeth: I am going to let my food do the talking. The best food should win.

BDJ:  Anything to add?

Elizabeth: I am really excited to meet all the competitors and witness their creative dishes. I am really looking forward to experiencing all the inspiration that these world class chefs are going to present at the fest as well.  It will be fun to chill with some bacon poetry and lots of cured meats.

Bacon Du Jour

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