Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BDJ Field Report: McDonalds' Angus Third Pounder

We've been tempted and let down by Angus burgers before. BK's tried the premium cattle matter before, with disasterous results (the flavor reminded us of the sad meatwads we avoided in our high school cafeterias). This particular effort by McDonald's, though, gave us hope--mostly because of the bacon. The dose of salted pork they administer to the burger on TV looks so tempting and plentiful, we couldn't help but harbor positive expectations.

The results: Bacon good. Instead of the flimsy half-strips on the sandwich that Wendy's has the Biggie-size cajones to call "the Baconator", these were full-length planks of BACON (although they don't arrive, as the above pic may seem to imply, still "sizzlin"). The burger: meh. You can tell the good folks at Kuma's Corner they won't be going out of business anytime soon. Instead of perfectly round patties, the 1/3-pounder meatpucks have a sort of scalloped edge to them, as if that's going to impart the image of McD's chefs hand-forming the ground beef in the kitchen with great love and care minutes before the sandwich is served to you. We know the patties arrive via freezer truck in bags of rock-hard ice-meat--stop crappin' us. The burgers themselves taste exactly like quarter pounders--it's the bacon, better-quality pickles, bun, and bacon that dress these babies up. However, no amount of dressing is gonna convince us to pay big bucks on a so-so burger.

So there.

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