Monday, September 28, 2009

Test #185: Bacon and BAC~OS

The subject
Bacon's an excellent salad topper, but unfortunately, some of the health benefits of munching on rabbit food (low fat, low sodium, meatlessness) go out the window when you dump handfuls of salted pork tidbits over your lettuce/veggie concoction. Enter Betty Crocker's Bac~Os, a clever substitute that imparts flavor to any salad without throwing your diet plans under the bus. While we fully admit that they don't taste very bacony, we do like the crispy texture, and the saltiness (although for some reason, they seem to give us nasty burps). Pretty neat for a pile of artificially dyed veggie protein and salt.

However, while we love Bac~Os on our lettuce and in our Mom's Seven-Layer Salad, we've never tried actually cooking these things. Arming ourselves with low expectations, we decided to wrap up a generous spoonful of Bac~Os with actual bonafide bacon and see what the hell happens.

The results
Hell happens--i.e., bacon-wrapped Bac~Os taste like hell. Well, back that up--it's not the taste so much as the texture. The grease doesn't seem to get along with the nearly fat-free vegetable protein hunks, which morph during baking from crispy bits to mushy blobs. Not appealing at all, kids. Save the bacos for the salad, and keep them away from the oven.

The conclusion: Bacon + Bac~Os = a concoction to avoid

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