Monday, April 5, 2010

BDJ Under Construction

Bacon Du Jour is going under a facelift. If we were a fancy-ass big company, or had any Web budget whatsoever, we'd take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and pour those resources into crafting a stunningly beautiful, technologically genius piece of blogging art, launching the facelifted site with much fanfare. However, because we have no skillz and prefer to spend our money on bacon procurement, you're going to see gradual, less-than-awe-inspiring changes over the next few weeks. The design is part of it (see the banner--we're still working on it), but there's WAY more in the features/programming department, which we're more excited about than the superficial looky-look stuff:
  • MORE mad bacon experiments
  • EXCITING bacon-themed videos and vlogs
  • THRILLING stories about bacon and the people that love it
  • TANTALIZING bacon recipes from around the globe
  • INSPIRING stories from baconeers
Thank you for reading. We love you. No, really--we mean it.

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