Sunday, January 3, 2010

Test #194: Bacon and COMBOS

The subject
About a year ago, convenience-store shelves in some random parts of the country were graced for a brief time with Bacon, Egg & Cheese combos. Not everywhere--and not in the Chicago area, otherwise the staff of BDJ Labs would have snapped up a few cases. Bloggers across the country marveled at the snack oddity, theorizing that they must be some super-secret trial flavor, because the Combos people didn't even list the flavor on their Web site. Sadly, the super-secret trial must be over, because the BC&E Combos bags disappeared from those spare few stores almost as quickly as they'd popped up. Oh, well--there's still the pretzel/cheddar, cracker/cheddar, cracker/pizza, and (our personal favorite) salsa/tortilla. They're tasty--although, for some reason, we seem to only eat them on road trips. This one time, we took a bag out of the BDJmobile and into the lab for bacon-wrapping.

The results
Pretty darned good. We've wrapped plain pretzels in bacon before and dug the way the snacks retain their crunch while still managing to take on some awesome bacony flavor (and grease). Same here, only with the added bonus of a cheesy core. We only wish the cheese would have been melty-gooey, like the real thing, and not the dry, powdery fakish stuff at the center of Combos. Ah, well. Can't always have everything.

The conclusion: Bacon + Combos = not too shabby

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