Friday, January 8, 2010

Test #196: Bacon and MUSHROOM

The subject

For not being meat, mushrooms are pretty danged tasty. And versatile, too--you can fry them, marinate them, toss them on top of everything from salads to pizzass...and if you're a Smurf, you can live in them. Faced with an overabundance of porcini mushrooms (our favorite--no offense, portabellos), we wrapped one up in bacon and baked that mofo up.

The results
Awesome--the mushroom morphed into a moist, bacon-flavored morsel, and its smooth texture perfectly complemented the bacon's crispy crunchiness. Definitely worth repeating--in fact, we can see ourselves stuffing mushroom caps with stuff like crabmeat or cheese before wrapping for an extra-tasty treat.

The conclusion: Bacon + mushroom = Smurfalicious

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