Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As Carl Weaver of the National Confectioners Association so astutely points out in his blog, people love mixing chocolate with savory. The concept isn't so new--how many years have we been enjoying chocolate-covered pretzels, potato chips, and other snack items? What's different is the variety that's popping up. The pinnacle of this trend is, of course, chocolate-covered bacon, but we do love the increase in the number of companies offering chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Tasty, yes, but you can almost convince yourself that you're munching on something healthy. Almost.

We took some of the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds we bought off the Christmas clearance rack at World Market (75% off--woo-hoo!) and wrapped them in savory bacon. How did it turn out?

The results
...pretty darned good, it turns out. The artificially dyed candy coating kind of went liquid and oozed out the size, but we didn't need it anyway. What remained--salty bacon, sweet chocolate, and crunchy seeds. Not just a fabulous flavor combination, but a nifty texture mixture to boot. Worth repeating, except we might be inclined to break it down and just do plain seeds, chocolate chips, and bacon.

The conclusion: Bacon + chocolate-covered sunflower seeds = a bright idea

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