Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Test #197: Bacon and BLOOD ORANGE

The subject

Peeling an orange in January can shock you out of your winter doldrums like no other food can. The first breach of the zest instantly sends the vibrant scent of citrus up and into your brain, and it's hard not to forget--if only for a moment--the cold, dreary world that lies outside your kitchen. Blood oranges taste nearly identical, but the vibrant color of the center only adds to the kick. Even serial killers like Dexter enjoy citrus fruit, as witnessed in the opening credits of his Showtime drama (the most strikingly gorgeous minute on television, in our opinion). We decided to wrap a single segment of sunshine in bacon and see what transpired.

The results
Many foods intensify in sweetness when heated up. In this case, the sugar level of the orange gave way to tartness, providing an interesting counternote to the savory bacon wrapped around it. The juice didn't leach out, but bacony goodness snuck into the fruit, making us think that if some enterprising farmer figured how he could cross an orange with a pig (kind of like Homer Simpson crossed a beefsteak 'mater with tobacco to come up with the Tomacco), he'd be a wealthy man, indeed.

The conclusion: Bacon + blood orange = killer flavor

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