Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Test #200: Bacon and GRAHAM CRACKER

The subject
Yes, we know the subject of this picture isn't a graham cracker--it's the late, great Monty Python trouper Graham Chapman, best known as King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Unfortunately, graham crackers, delicious though they may be, aren't very photogenic. We're a big fan of both Mr. Chapman and his namesake snack, so we decided to try the bacon treatment. On the cracker, not the Chapman--he'd probably taste funny.

The results
Fabulous--we expected the cracker to completely fall apart (ever try dunking a graham cracker in hot cocoa? A disaster). It did get quite soggalicious, but it maintained its square shape, and grahammy flavor, mixed in with the seeped-in savory bacon taste. Consensus among the baconeers in attendance is that this test is well worth repeating--we'd recommend wrapping the lucky cracker up with a marshmallow and a square of your favorite chocolate for a s'more that'd put the Girl-Scouts-round-the-campfire version to shame.

The conclusion: Bacon + graham cracker = something completely different

1 comment:

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