Thursday, February 11, 2010

Test #203: Bacon and GRAPES

The subject
Grapes are nature's candy. Are they as good as chocolate? That's debatable. One thing's for sure: you can pop a whole bunch of grapes in your mouth and not deal with consequential guilt. Or ass embiggedness. And if you could pig out on bacon with as much joy and as little bad feelings as you can with these little orbs of deliciousness...well, the thought is almost too fabulous to consider.

Before we'd finished the entire massive bunch of grapes, we decided to salvage a few for to wrap in the bacon. And that's exactly what we did.

The results
Yummy! The grape nearly disappeared--the touch of crunch that a green seedless grape has when it's in perfect condition was gone, leaving only intensified sweetness with a touch of bacon flavor seeped in. It was like biting into a bacon bonbon with a grape jelly center. Yummers.

The conclusion: Bacon + grapes = fruitastic

1 comment:

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