Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rasher Review: SUBWAY B.L.T.

Sometimes when you're longing for something, the universe steps in and gives you a sign. This evening, we found ourselves famished with no dinner plans, watching Where the Red Fern Grows on Encore Family (Dave Matthews played the dad--ergh) when a commercial for Subway's BLT popped up on screen. Piled to the heavens with succulent tomatoes, verdant lettuce and savory bacon, the universe spoke to us through a five-dollar beacon from above. So, we grabbed our money and schlepped to the discount-sandwich joint to procure our meals. I mean, who are we to argue with the universe?

It turns out, sometimes the universe is a cruel bastard. Look at the sandwich above. Now, look at the pathetic sub to the right. Sad. We counted seven strips of bacon, but man, that had to be the saddest collection of pork planks ever--so think they'd float away on a light breeze. We don't think we need to say how disappointing the eating experience actually was; the evidence of the bread overpowering the wussy meat slices is there in the frame. We'd have to order triple bacon to even taste it.

Now, please excuse us while we make dessert: bacon. What else?


  1. don't get me started on the whole sandwich photos/sandwich reality thing...

  2. I recently discovered the BLT at subway too. Horribly disappointing. I hadn't even seen the ads for it so I had no visual expectations but still...it's a sad looking sandwich in real life.

  3. At Subway, can't you pick your own toppings? I think you could have gotten lettuce & tomatoes. But I guess that would not have mattered since the bacon was so disappointing.

    I do agree that the universe is a cruel bastard. He must be related to fate, who, according to Ben Linus, is a fickle bitch.