Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We apologize for the gap in posting this week--oddly enough, all BDJ staffers have other obligations tying up their schedules. Our procurement department hasn't been able to conduct subject-seeking expeditions, and our baking specialists aren't available to don the oven mitts and go to town. Again, we apologize, and hope these bacon-related videos help you muddle through somehow.

Jim Gaffigan's a proud bacon lover. Wouldn't it be lovely if he came to Chicago for BaconFest?

How bacon is made, factory style. I guarantee the folks at Nueskes are gentler with their meat than these people. Dig the space-age music--sounds like a porn soundtrack.

A BACON-EATING CONTEST? Want to go to there! Watch and tell us if you want to smack that male host. Whiny beeyatch.

Do you have a favorite bacon video? If so, please post in the comments below--we'd love to see it.

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