Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Test #182: Bacon and KOHLRABI

The subject
When we meet someone that's never had kohlrabi, we have a dual reaction: the first half is sadness that the poor soul has never had the pleasure into crunching into this zesty, flavorful vegetable. The second half is a little 'yippee!' feeling we get knowing we're going to have the privilege of introducing the wonder that is kohlrabi to 'em. Jenni S., head BDJ Labs tech, remembers summer visits to her grandmother's house, during which Grandma always had a bowl of kohlrabi slices resting in a bowl of ice water for all-day snacking. We've grown them in our own personal gardens and while we always eventually find ourselves with more tomatoes than we can give away, surplus is never a problem with kohlrabi. There's never enough of it.

We've never had it cooked, but since we love it so much, we figured our first time should be with bacon.

The results
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Our expectations for success were met and exceeded by a LONG ways when we bit into our test samples. Comparisons escape us, but we're reasonably comfortable with one lab tech's claim that the bacon-baked kohlrabi has a taste and mouthfeel "kinda like potato, only awesomer." Bad english, good parallel--the thin slice of kohlrabi tasted like slightly tangy spud, but it held up consistency-wise far better than a tuber would have. Yum city--definitely worth repeating at a bacon party.

The conclusion: Bacon + kohlrabi = big winner

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  1. Huh, I've never cooked kohlrabi. I'm not even sure I've eaten it before but I could have and just not remembered it. Too bad I live so far away from BDJ labs!