Thursday, July 23, 2009

Playing with pork: Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure

We at BDJ Labs couldn't be more in love with Archie McPhee if they sent us free bacon stuff. Luckily, happily, blissfully--that's exactly what they did. As a thank-you for constantly chatting about how awesome the purveyor of fun is (or maybe to shut us up--who knows?), they sent us a box of gratis goodies from their impressive collection of bacon-themed items, including the brand-new game Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure.

Now, if you don't know who Mr. Bacon is, you should--he's a walking strip (or rasher, if you're British) of bacon. Cool as all get out, and (except for shoes and a pair of dapper white gloves) totally nekkid. He's so awesome, every day's probably a big adventure for him, but this game lets you share in part of the excitement that his life must be. Screw Candy Land--gather the kids around for an evening of meat-filled family fun and play this whimsical artery-clogging game.

You can buy your game here. Or, if you're in Chicago, send us a message at if you'd like to challenge us to a Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure match. If playing with meat works up your appetite for more meaty McPhee material, fulfill the need here.

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