Thursday, July 2, 2009

Test #178: Bacon and WIENER

The subject
Heh-heh--we said WIENER. We at BDJ, being proud and loyal citizens of the great city of Chicago, truly love ourselves a great Chicago-style hot dog. Listen close, because we're not gonna say it again: Take a hot-dog bun (preferably poppy seed), insert an all-beef wiener (heh-heh), then top with yellow mustard, diced onions, nuclear-green relish, dill-pickle spear, tomato slices, sport peppers, and a sprinkling of celery salt. Slices of cucumber are optional (personally, we think three forms of cukes are too much), but we'll tell you one thing that's not optional: ketchup. Ketchup is something that should never, ever, ever come in contact with a hot dog. If you're not from the Windy City and you've attempted a wiener (heh) ketchup pairing in view of a native, you know what we mean--the negative reactions you get range from mild scoffing, to unabashed horror and rage.

One thing we thought would go well with a hot dog: bacon. We wrapped an all-beef hot dog in a couple slices of bacon and baked the wiener up real good.

The results
Ah, the transformative powers of salted pork. The beefy wiener (hee) started out deliciouser and weenielike, but bacon-baking made it into something still delicious, but different. The bacony goodness soaking into the sausage and mingling with the meat throughout imparted the hot dog with a stronger, bratwurst-like flavor. Very, very tasty--we'd definitely repeat this again, possibly on a bun with all the 'dragged through the garden' toppings that a true Chicago dog sports.

The conclusion: Bacon + hot dog = magic wiener (heh heh)

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