Friday, July 24, 2009


The subject
The dog-loving techs at BDJ Labs, for the most part, subscribe to the view that our puppies are not our pets, so much as they are our furry little children. As such, we're very interested about their health, happiness and diet. We admit, that curiosity and concern has led us to taste more than a few bits of canine cuisine, just to see what they're getting. Beggin Strips actually aren't so awesome--they taste more like salty Play-Doh than meat byproduct, although dogs such as Jenni S.'s terrier mix Willie (see pic at left) don't seem to mind. The folks at Three Dog Bakery, though, offer up dog treats that you just might be able to pass off as human nibbles at any party or gathering. Milk-Bones are somewhere in the middle--not good, not bad, just bland.

It's been a while since we tasted dog treats--we figured we'd try again, but this time with bacon.

The results
Well, we weren't expecting much--which is good, because this one was (WARNING: PUN AHEAD) dog-gone awful. The crunch of the Milk-Bone gave way to mush, and the bone took on grease with no bacon flavor. No one managed to get a single bite of the sample down--no one, that is, except for Willie the lab assistant.

The conclusion: Bacon + Milk-Bone = dog-gone arful

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