Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bacon on the Cob

It's too bad grilling weather precedes corn season--nothing goes better with char-broiled meat than an ear of buttery golden niblets. Unfortunately, the pitifully small ears currently on sale at your friendly neighborhood grocer are not only pricey right now, they taste about as flavorful as the price sign above them.

Bacon to the rescue! This super-easy recipe can perk up the flavor and sweetness of the dullest ear of corn in no time. Never mind that adding fatty pork strips takes down the healthfulness of the corn by several pegs--it's delicious, dammit.

Bacon-Honey Corn Cobs


4 shucked ears of corn
8 strips of Nueske's bacon (or other hearty strips), cut in ribbons

Tear off four good-sized squares of tin foil and give 'em a nice coating of non-stick spray, then place an ear of corn on each one. Drizzle a little honey around the corn ears, then wrap in bacon (warning: it's a tad messy). Tightly wrap in the foil, then cook over indirect heat (or in a 350-degree oven) for about 20 minutes, until the corn is tender. Unwrap. Eat. Make lots of satisfied mmm noises.

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