Monday, May 25, 2009

Brace yourself for this week's ASIAN INVASION!

What makes the staff of BDJ Labs almost as happy as eating bacon? Why, eating Asian snacks, of course! Just two blocks away from our headquarters is Broadway Market, a grocery store that carries all sorts of treats from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea. The variety of items they sell is stunning--about a zillion types of tofu (including the far superior yellow-skinned variety you find in Asian takeout food but not in most grocery chains), exotic fresh seafoods, and more noodles than you could shake a stick at.** In addition to all the goodies we buy for Asian recipes, we also stock our baskets full of Asian snacks--each bite is an adventure, whether it be shrimp crackers (kinda like Cheetos, only with fishy flavor instead of cheddar), Pocky (chocolate-covered sticks of deliciousness), or any number of frozen goodies. Since our cupboards are already full of these goodies, we decided we might as well bacon-wrap some of the things we have on hand, in addition to a few new things. Squid nuggets, for example, which we're afraid of, so we're working our way up to them.

Anyway, we're very excited--stay tuned, kids.

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  1. What texture are those Squid nuggets? Can't wait to hear all about it!