Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Test #154: Bacon and PRUNE

The subject

Head BDJ Labs has a personal (albeit indirect) history with Barbara Mandrell. First, she met Barbara Mandrell when she performed at Poplar Creek in suburban Chicago (R.I.P.--it was torn down to make room for stupid Sears headquarters). Secondly, the Barbara Mandrell show was on when, in the summer between 3rd and 4th grade, she was bitten by the neighbor's dog; while she waited for Mom to get the station wagon keys, she listened to Barbara and her sisters sing about spaghetti. Thirdly, she loves prunes, the dried-fruit snack that we're bacon-bakin today.

The result
While we love prunes in their natural state, bacon baking doesn't seem to be their best use--surprising, since we've had bacon-wrapped dates and those are effin' fantastic. No, prunes turned to complete, supersweet mush--the ubersugariness and lack of texture turned us off. We definitely don't recommend this bacon-food pairing--not even to the Mandrell sisters.

The conclusion: Bacon + prune = nuh-uh

Next up: Bacon + oatmeal creme pie

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