Friday, May 8, 2009

Test #153: Bacon + CUSTARD BAO

The subject
Bao are Chinese buns (the buns in this picture are actually American--sorry) filled with a wide variety of delicious stuff--BBQ pork, red bean, chicken, etc. You may have a fast-food chain near you called Wow Bao, and those are pretty okay; however, nothing beats fresh-made bao from a real-live Chinese restaurant when you're enjoying a dim sum pigout. The frozen variety aren't too bad, though; we picked up a bag of sweet custard bao from our friendly neighborhood Asian market and wrapped one in bacon.

The results
The bacony bao (fun to say, isn't it? Bao, bao, ba-bao bao...) was merely okay. The bacon only seasoned the dough a little bit; for the most part, it was bland and Styrofoamy. We suspect we may have procured freezer-burned buns and may repeat this test in the future, possibly with fresh pork-filled bao--this run isn't thrilling enough for our tastes.

The conclusion: Bacon + custard bao = fair to middlin'

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