Sunday, May 31, 2009


The staff of BDJ Labs humbly prostrates themselves before you, but we couldn't go through with the squid nugget experiment. The things were just so...nasty. We talked amongst ourselves, and we concurred we couldn't very well wrap something in bacon that we wouldn't have the cajones to eat on its own in real life. We waivered on the topic, but what set us over the edge: when we read the package's broken English, we discovered that said nuggets of grossness are intended to serve as a soup flavoring, and not necessarily as a finger food--we fully acknowledge that we chickened out, but we feel that fact at least partially lets us off the hook.

Still, we feel horrible enough that we're currently flagellating ourselves with strips of Nueske's right now. We promise to make it up with you with an awesome week of bacon tests starting Monday--and in a few minutes, we'll post a delicious bacon recipe.

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