Thursday, May 28, 2009

Test #163: Bacon and SHRIMP SNACKS

The subject
Shrimp crackers (or shrimp 'snacks' as the Marco Polo brand calls them) are lower on the oddity scale than most exotic Asian snacks. They resemble--in texture and in basic flavor--Cheetos, but with seafood flavor instead of cheese. This particular brand comes in different flavor, such as the sour cream and onion you see at left. We at BDJ Labs prefer ours plain--we also prefer the brand that calls them shrimp crackers and puts them in bits that look exactly like crinkle-cut french fries, but our procurement department failed yet again in acquiring the precise test subject we requested. Open note to BDJ Labs procurement staff: consider this message your probation notice.

Anyhoo, it turns out these small chip-shaped nuggets worked okay for our test. We wrapped one in bacon and went to town.

The result
Amazing--the shrimp snack all but disappeared (we're not surprised--they're very light and puffy). We put a bacon-ensconced shrimp snack in the oven, and we retrieved a baked bacon nugget with nothing inside. Well, not nothing--the snack's former presence was hinted at by a vague shrimpy flavor, and a bit of stickiness, but other than that, it was goner than gone. Chalk this one up to failure, but with the magical disappearing act, at least it's an entertaining failure.

The conclusion: Bacon + shrimp snack = poof!

Next up: Bacon + peanut sweet rice ball

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