Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Test #151: Bacon and FRENCH TOAST STICK

The subject

Who doesn't love French toast? Well, maybe vegans, but they're probably not reading a blog about bacon, so screw 'em. Anyway, French toast is one of those foods that's a slight pain in the tukis to make, a characteristic common among breakfast treats (we hate cleaning the waffle iron, for example), which is why we're glad it's been convenientized. While waffles have their ready-made, toaster-friendly counterpart (how many steps does THAT save? a lot), French toast has been made microwaveable and cut into finger-friendly sticks. That cuts out the mixing of the batter, dipping, frying, and arduous fork-cutting. We thought it'd be worth adding a step (bacon wrapping) to see if we could improve the taste (bacony goodness).

By the way, this clip has nothing to do with the actual food--the world record holder for most claps in a minute (more than 700) is Kent "Toast" French. Pretty awesome.

The result
Not surprisingly, the flavor is delicious--French toast and bacon are a proven pairing at IHOPs, Denny's and other breakfast-food purveyors all over the globe. However, because the sticks are tougher than their fresh-made counterparts, they were able to stand up texture-wise to the bacon treatment, whereas (we're certain) homemade French toast would most likely wither. This would make a great bacon party sweet treat, and we definitely recommend it to all you baconeers out there.

The conclusion: Bacon + French toast stick = magnifique

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