Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dandy Candy Week

A few weeks ago, Head Lab Tech Jenni S. was fortunate enough to have a pass to the All Candy Expo, a tradeshow for the candy/snacks industry. After years of covering the construction industry, she found ACE to be a much happier, sweeter experience--concrete's not nearly as much fun, after all, and you sure can't eat it. She came away from the show with a full 40lbs of samples of the latest, greatest candies and snacks (you can read about it on her GrubHub blog), and she thought many of the treats would make fabulous--or at least interesting--bacon-mates. Starting today, we'll give a selection of sweets the bacon treatment. Stay tuned...

By the way, someone tell these guys they really need to lay off the tanning spray.

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