Friday, June 12, 2009

Test #170: Bacon and LEFTOVER PIZZA

The subject
Pizza hot from the oven (or, if you're a GrubHubber like me, from the cardboard box) is truly heavenly--the crispy-chewy crust, the ooey-gooey cheese, and the topping of your choice melding in a delicious symphony of pipin' hot flavor. Leftover pizza--well, that's significantly less heavenly. Some attempt in vain to resuscitate the once-great taste treat in the microwave, others pop it in the oven to reheat it, and many just give up hope and eat their leftover pizza cold.

We at BDJ Labs thought that if ever there was a foodstuff that cried out for the warm, porky embrace of bacon, it was a forlorn slice of leftover 'za. We wrapped a slice of leftover sausage thick-crust pizza in bacon, popped it into the oven, and awaited its revival.

The results
Success! Like Lazarus, the pizza slice was brought back to glorious life--except we doubt Lazarus would have been this delicious (eew--cannibalism is NOT sexy). The crisp-chewy bacon passed its magical healing properties into the crust, cheese, and toppings, and the pizza was made better than ever. Actually, the bacon-kissed crust might have been our favorite part of the new-and-improved slice--the grease made it crunchy and salty and oh-so-yummy.

The conclusion: Bacon + leftover pizza = mamma mia!

Next up: Bacon + potato chips


  1. This should be a PSA on TV... millions of college kids would have an extra meal or two if they knew of the awesome power of bacon-wrapped leftover pizza.

  2. I know, right? Oh, the leftover pizza I could have saved from the dumpster, had I only learned this trick in my Keystone Light days.

  3. Wait, Spinner, you threw away pizza? That sounds so wrong...