Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Much Light Makes This Baby Go Blind

God bless the good people at the Bull & Bear for hosting last night's Yelp event and plying us all with free Bud Light. However--and let this be a warning to all you faithful BDJ followers--it turns out there are dire consequences to consuming too much Bud product in one evening. We're not talking hangover, even--we didn't drink that much. In the interest of tact and delicacy, we really can't say too much else, except to say that we really wish we could find the Immodium. Sorry if that's TMI, but we only hope the warning prevents other people from suffering in a similar manner. Drink Pabst, kids.

Anyway, since we're not feeling much like ourselves, we'll save the bacon test for tomorrow--but to make up for the discrepancy, we'll share some exciting news in another post later on today. So, you otter pay attention. HA! Oh, lawdy, we are SO clever.

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