Friday, June 5, 2009

Test #167: Bacon and STARBURST

The subject
There's nothing exciting or "whee"worthy about Starburst. It doesn't explode in your mouth when you eat it, you can't blow bubbles with it, there's no toy in the package. It's just a simple, yummy fruit candy--that's it. Although, if you have imagination, you can do other things with it. Head BDJ Lab Tech Jenni S., for example, remembers using the pliable confection and using it to craft miniature fruity guns when she saw Beverly Hills Cop (the first R movie she watched in a theater) with her friends Laurel and Pam. The square candies make excellent fences on gingerbread houses. Plus, you can take the colorful wrappers and make stuff (click photo for more info).

Great news: You know how you'd always eat the cherry and strawberry ones first? Now Starburst sells packs of just the reds. Genius. We took a strawberry Starburst and wrapped it in bacon. Voila...

The result
Yum, bacon taffy. We carefully wrapped the square so no sugary ooze would leak out and--for once--it all stayed within the bacon envelope. We baked, then let the nugget cool (rather than biting into bacon-wrapped molten lava). The Starburst remained fundamentally Starbursty (i.e. smooth and chewy), but took on a heaping helping of bacon flavor. The only thing we weren't too sure on--the crisp-cooked bacon seemed a little at odds with the texture. Not by much, just a wee bit. We enjoyed but wouldn't repeat this test.

The conclusion: Bacon + Starburst = not too shabby. Well, sort of shabby

Next up: Bacon + Jolly Rancher

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