Monday, June 15, 2009

Test #172: Bacon and NUTTY BAR

Hey, kids--it's Lunchtime Snax Week! First up: Little Debbie's Nutty Bar...

The subject

Monica Eng's excellent Tribune article on the crapaliciousness of Chicago-area school lunches was gross, but brought back bittersweet memories for many BDJ staffers. Those of us that grew up in the NW 'burbs remember having a whole bunch of evils to choose from--greasy pizzawiches, greasy tacos, greasy burgers and--our personal favorite--a styrofoam tray piled high with greasy french fries. Vegetables? Feh--not at Streamwood High. Save those for those candy-ass New Trier kids.

One popular choice for sweet-toothed high-schoolers back then: a carton of chocolate milk and a twin pack of Little Debbie Nutty Bars. Not only were they sweet and delicious, the whole thing set us back a mere $0.50, which left us more of our meager pocket money to spend on Aqua Net and NKOTB tapes. In order to honor those nutrition-free days of our youth, we decided to wrap one of these peanutty bars in bacon. Well, HALF of one--we couldn't resist taking nibbles of nekkid Nutty Bar first. Sorry.

The results
Tubular--the bacon-wrapped Nutty Bar totally became, like, SO delicious. We marveled that the crisp wafer was only slightly diminished by the heat and grease, so the inner crispiness mirrored the outer bacony crunch nicely. The sweetness increased just a little bit, but the peanut butter's natural earthiness came out--oddly, rather than the chemical-laden snack tasting more fake after bacon-treating, it tasted more natural. Weird. We'd definitely recommend repeating this test at home--although make sure you get some vegetables in your system that day, too.

The conclusion: Bacon + Nutty Bar = totally tubular

Next up: Bacon

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