Saturday, June 13, 2009


The subject
As anyone in the food/snacking industry could tell you, a new or novel flavor pops up, and suddenly it's everywhere. Right now, the flavor-of-the-minute, pomegranate, is in everything from ice cream to jelly beans to sports drinks and liqueur--although the miracle fruit that is the acai berry is threatening to take over.

With chips, a few years ago, it was salt and vinegar--our neighbors from across the pond started it in Britain (except over there, chips are 'crisps'), and it carried over to us Yanks. Seems to have stuck--the finest store in the world (Target--what else?) has a salt/vinegar variety in its house-brand chips. In our opinion, Tyrrell's Potato Chips (based in the UK) has the best; however, they're hard to find seeing as they're relatively new to the States (and the Web--click here to visit their cyber home). Since we ate all the Tyrrell's we had on hand, we decided to go with the locally available Target salt/vinegar chip for our bacon test. And yes, we know the pic at left is Salt 'n Pepa--we're going to have to have another talk with our art department about following instructions.

The result
File this one under "eh." The chips didn't stay very crispy, and we prefer our chips not be soggy disks of limp taters. We did like the hint of tangy flavor that the salt/vinegar flavoring transfered from the chips to the bacon, but it wasn't enough to be interesting. While we dearly love both foods (bacon a little more, obviously), we think these are two great tastes that don't taste all that great together and, therefore, should be kept apart.

The conclusion: Bacon + salt/vinegar potato chips = meh.

Next up: Sunday's Bacon Bit

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