Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bacon Bit #B04: This bacon is Rather Good

After watching his videos at, you might think there's something very, very wrong with Joel Veitch. Turns out, he's just British, which explains everything--our brethren across the pond have always shown a knack for whacked-out humor (witness the Monty Python bunch, my personal hero Eddie Izzard, and Russell Brand's hair), and Mr. Veitch is more wacky than most. It's possible you'll recognize his singular animation style from this Quizno's ad--then again, you might not. Thanks to its uberweirdity, it lasted all of a week on American airwaves.

As for the weirdness-prone staff at BDJ Labs, we salute the genius of Joel Veitch--his videos sometimes have us scratching our heads, but they always get us slappin' our knees.

Among our favorites is this bacon-themed ditty [BDJ note: We must warn you--hitting "play" guarantees you'll have this tune stuck in your head for at least the remainder of the day]:

And then there's this, a meat-filled salute to one of our favorite German electronika bands of the 80s. [another BDJ note: that little "doot doot doot" thingy you hear is a stylophone, and you can get one from, of all places, the Raconteurs site]:

He doesn't limit himself to meat, is festooned with things like pooping kittens, flying puppies, and a sumo florist. Go there now.

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