Saturday, March 28, 2009

Test #123: Bacon and DORITOS

The subject
Doritos is Spanish for little bits of gold. While the flavor might be golden, they're anything but for your breath--scientists have shown that the aroma of someone exhaling after consuming a handful of original nacho-cheese Doritos can be detected from up to 12 miles away. OK, not really, but they're powerful. One of our favoritest junk-food delicacies is this simple, yet satisfying, recipe (derived from one we found in one of Jill Conner Brown's Sweet Potato Queens books--go here to learn more): "Open a bag of Doritos. Pour in a mess of hot sauce (our personal favorite is Frank's Red Hot). Fold the bag top over and shake it up. Reopen. Pour into bowl. Eat." Messy as all get out but well worth it.

The burning question at BDJ Labs: How would one of America's favorite snack foods stand up to bacon? We took two chips (only two because the rest of the chips were smashed beyond all hope) and wrapped them with one strip of delicious salty pork.

The result
Gross. The chip turned mushy and gave off a burned-corn flavor, even though the bacon around it was perfectly cooked. We confess, we ate the thing before remembering we hadn't taken the "after" picture yet, but the result was so nasty, we don't want to repeat it--so, no bacon test picture today. To make up for it, here's a picture of Willie the Flower Dog.

The conclusion: Bacon + Doritos = what in God's name is this foul thing that I just put in my mouth?

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