Friday, March 27, 2009

Say what?

This has nothing to do with bacon, but we felt we had to pass it on, as we are in the business of sharing important information with our readers, for the good of all humankind:

Overheard in Chicago is just about the funniest blog out there. The citizens of the metropolis that BDJ Labs calls home all full of quotable things which they (thankfully) blurt out in public. The people lucky enough to eavesdrop on these gems e-mail them to Ziggy at OiC, and he posts them several times a week. Head BDJ scientist Spinner (shut up--that's her real name) is a frequent contributor; her most recent OiC eavesdropped convo occurred in a Lincoln Park Zoo lavoratory, which just goes to show that there's no limit to where Chicagoans cast their pearls of wisdom.

Go there now. Actually, read some more bacon posts, and then go there.

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