Friday, March 13, 2009

Test #111: Bacon and GARLIC

The subject
Bacon might be the perfect edible, but in the opinion of many BDJ Lab staffers and associates, garlic is a close second. It has a reputation for being a breath killer, but we think that's a bum rap--in fact, one BDJer would prefer if the mint scent/flavor ominipresent in toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, and other breath refreshers were, in fact, supplanted by the aroma of the pungent aroma of garlic.

In addition to kicking the flavor of all sorts of dishes up a whole mess o' notches, garlic is reputed to be a wonder drug. Garlic pushers claim it helps abate the comon cold, flu, sky-high cholesterol levels, vampire infestations, and other maladies. While naturaceutical companies offer garlic in pill form, we prefer our garlic straight up. In honor of garlic's sheer awesomeness, we decided to give it a salted-meat salute, awkwardly wrapping three cloves in a single strip of Nueske's.

The result
Bacon-wrapped garlic might be the best thing we've ever tasted. The garlic came out of the oven sweet and soft and bacony and 'O'-face-inducing. We could be more eloquent about how fantabulous it was, weren't we completely twitterpated by the flavor. Sorry for the short writeup, but we're going to go make more bacon garlic now.

The conclusion: Bacon + garlic = Oh. My. God.

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