Friday, March 20, 2009

Test #116: Bacon and BRUSSELS SPROUT

The subject
Brussels sprouts don't get the love they deserve. Not only are they damned tasty, full of vitamins A and C, loaded with fiber, and rich in folic acid; they're also...adorable. I mean, LOOK at them--they look like widdle baby cabbages. Actually, that's really what they are; they're part of the Brassicaceae family, the same happy club that cabbages belong to.

Personally, we heart brussels sprouts. You don't even have to drown them in butter, cheese, or hollandaise sauce--they're perfectly delicious by their nekkid selves, maybe with a sprinkle of salt. As long as you don't make the mistake of boiling the poor little nubbins into submission--just a little steam is all they need--you'll love 'em. You can also chop them up and lightly sautee with a little butter and garlic--magnifique. To make up for their unfair maligning, we decided to give one of the mini-cabbages the four-star bacon treatment.

The result
Absolutely awesome--the staff at BDJ Labs were very pleased with the result. The bacon provided the sprout with the dual service of impregnating the outer layers with salted-meat flavor, and sealing in the moisture, so the sprout's inner workings weren't dry and blegh. After the test, we softly cursed our Procurement Department for only purchasing enough sproutage for a single test, and not enough for after-test munching. Definitely worth repeating--if you decide to try at home, be sure to get enough sprouts and bacon to go around.

The conclusion: Bacon + brussels sprout = brilliant
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  1. I thought of this blog when I saw this shirt over at The Kitch'n:

  2. Brilliant--that's the exact sentiment expressed by one of the BDJ Labs field associates. We should just have bacon declared a vegetable by the USDA, so people like her can eat bacon sans guilt.