Saturday, March 14, 2009

Test #112: Bacon and COOKIE DOUGH

The subject
Homemade cookie dough beats the living crap out of prepackaged in all aspects but one: convenience. How awesome is it that you can enjoy the option of eating fresh-baked cookies right out of your oven or enjoying the dough in raw form, without having to do any measuring, mixing, or bowl-washing? One BDJ Labs staffer first discovered tubedough in college, when it made a perfectly lovely post-partying snack to share with her roommates (especially if said partying had involved herbal refreshment). Now that our partying days are over, we still enjoy a tube now and then--although now, they've made it even more lazyass-friendly by putting it in precut squares. We don't think it'll be long until they completely remove the labor and just send a Pillsbury rep over to our kitchens to bake the cookies, then feed them into our fat mouths.

The result
We're kicking ourselves for not doing a better job of wrapping the test subject pre-bake--during the cooking process, much of the rising dough mushroomed out of the ends of the bacon and got a little too dark and crispy, and the amount of dough that came in direct contact with the bakin' bacon ended up to be minimal. That was a shame, because the morsel of baked dough that experienced complete bacon coverage was amazing--the bacon flavor and fat had seeped into the dough during cooking, rendering the finished subject fluffy, smooth, and almost creamy. Sort of puddinglike, really. The lab assistants were given the burned cookie ends to dispatch of, but the bacon-dough in the middle was completely consumed by smiling lab techs.

The conclusion: Bacon + cookie dough = gosh-darned good

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