Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bacon Bit #B06: Bacon baskets!

The staff at BDJ Labs is taking the day off to go do Eastery things with family--hopefully, you're having a relaxing, stress-free day of family/friends/fun/etc. Whatever your day includes, you might enjoy making these adorable, yet functional, bacon baskets. OK, Megan over at NotMartha calls them "cups" but it's Easter--we're trying to be all festive 'n stuff.

Anyway, all you need to craft these edible receptacles is bacon, a mega-muffin tin, perhaps some aluminum foil, and an oven. What you put inside is up to you--we're thinking egg salad would be great (and a creative way to dispatch with all those eggs you went crazy dyeing), as would mixed greens, or--to simulate BLT in a cup--a mix of chopped tomato, bacon, onion, celery, and mayo. The possibilities are endless.

Happy Easter, all!

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