Saturday, April 18, 2009

Test #139: Bacon and GRANOLA BAR

The subject
Remember when we used to think granola was healthy? When the BDJ Labs staff were Garanimals-clad tykes growing up in the early 80s, our moms would pack Nature Valley's finest wares in our Donnie and Marie (or, in one case, Dukes of Hazzard) lunchboxes, confident that they were sending us the very best in mass-produced nutrition. As it turns out, there were probably more vitamins and minerals in the granola bar's wrapper than the actual food inside--plus, they were chock full of fat.

Today, there are more and better options in the granola bar field. Our personal faves are the Kashi crunchy bars--for this test, we took one of their Pumpkin Spice Flax bars and wrapped it in bacon.

The result
This is the second of our attempts--the first was a chewy granola bar. Yucksville--we wrapped the thing tight as a gay porn star's abs, but it still leaked sugary goo out the ends and middle, turning the whole thing into a blackened, smoke-tasting mess.

The second try, however--hoo boy, was it delicious. The crunch of the granola abated only slightly, and the spice, sweetness, and saltiness of the bacon and granola all tangled together in a web of deliciousness. If only Mom had packed these logs of awesome in our lunchboxes--second grade might have been more fun. If you have kids, why not slip one of these in their lunch treats? Surely they'll remember your kindness all the way up to the day it's time to choose what home they put you into.

The conclusion: Bacon + granola bar = crunchtastic

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