Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Test #132: Bacon and CADBURY CREME EGG

The subject
Love them or hate them, Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the most beloved Easter confections. BDJ Labs associate Rebecca would subsist on these alone, were calories and cholesterol not an object. They're also among the more adorable holiday candies--the white fondant filling, which is sweet enough to turn your face inside out, is colored yellow at the center to make it look like real yolk. Awww. The Cadbury factory in the U.K. pumps out 1.5 million of these babies a day. We took one, wrapped it and bacon...and now, our findings.

The result
We learned from our failed Peeps experiment and decided to wrap the creme egg tightly, with three layers of bacon keeping the chocolate and fondant from leaking. The diligence paid off--only the tiniest bit of chocolate oozed out one corner, leaving the bacon-ensconced creme egg almost entirely entact. It's a good thing, too--this baconspiriment is one of the tastiest yet. Baking seemed to toned down the sugar factor just a touch, and the fondant was slightly caramelized from the baking process (see cross-section photo), and the melted, creamy chocolate hugged the bacon in a loving embrace. During consumption, many borderline-orgasmic "Mmmmm" noises emanated from the test kitchen--an audible sign that the test was a rousing success.

The conclusion: Bacon + Cadbury Creme Egg = an Easter miracle

Thursday: Bacon + matzoh
Friday: Bacon + marshmallow egg


  1. That was a bacongasmic story..just needs hot videos and it could make millions. Oooooh how about doing those little Cadbury mini-eggs! Robin eggs maybe..but i'm not sure how chocolate malt and bacon would go.

  2. Robin eggs was suggested, but I wasn't sure how the malt would fare in the oven--probably turn into a plasticized mess.

  3. I'm still not trying one. Rebecca can eat my portion of CCE for this year.