Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bacon Bit #B08: Mo's Bacon Bar

Last week, BDJ Labs shared in Bacon Bit #B07 an easy, affordable homemade Mother's Day gift idea that paired bacon with chocolate. This week, we share another gift idea for those who don't feel like getting their hands dirty, have a few bucks lying around, and want to give mom the one-two love punch delivered by a bacon/chocolate treat.

Vosges--a "haut chocolat" outfit based in Chicago--offers Mo's Bacon Bar, a delicacy that combines deep milk chocolate with chewy bits of applewood-smoked bacon and alderwood-smoked salt. One of the high-end chocolatier's best sellers, the bar has its origins back when Vosges owner Katrina Markoff was six, digging into a plate of chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon. She discovered then what we know now: that while everything tastes better with bacon, chocolate and bacon are an especially inspired match. Vosges offers them in bar form, and in the shape of a flying pig. If mom loves bacon, chocolate, and booze, you can get her one of the gift packages that combines the bar, the pig, and a bottle of Rogue Shakespeare Stout.
You can buy the candy in any one of Vosges retail establishments--they're in Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas' Caesar's Palace shops--order them on the Vosges Chocolate site , or find them at local retailers like Whole Foods and liquor stores.

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