Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Test #137: Bacon and TRISCUIT

The subject
Triscuits are the butchest of snack crackers. You can drag them through heavy dips, smear them with thick spreads--they'll stand up to whatever tasty treatments you subject them to. They're not exactly good for you--although each cracker has about a half gram of fiber, which is pretty sweet--but they sure taste good, even plain--and now, the fine people at Nabisco have various flavors. Our personal fave is the Roasted Garlic kind, which actually tastes pretty darned garlicky. The variety we subjected to the bacon test, however, is (in what could be considered a brilliant stroke of irony) Reduced Fat. Here goes...

The result
The Triscuit underneath the bacon puffed up, looking more like a nugget of shredded mini-wheats than a cracker, and it took on a bit of bacony goodness. However, we were expecting a lot more flavor than we got, and because the Triscuit's extreme crunchiness was taken down several notches, the taste, texture, and overall baconsperience were a wee bit on the disappointing side. We could see adding some parmesan cheese and/or tomato before wrapping one of the Roasted Garlic Triscuits in bacon, but as for the plain one--eh, we'd pass on a repeat of this one.

The conclusion: Bacon + Triscuit = fair to middlin'

Wednesday: Bacon + sausage
Thursday: Bacon + granola bar

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