Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Test #146: Bacon and CHURRO

The subject
The churro, one churro-maker puts it, is "the original Mexican doughnut." Except it's not shaped like a nut--it's more like a crowbar. Whatever, they're delicious--if you live in a city or town with a large enough Mexican population to have a large number of bakeries, grocery stores, and street carts selling fresh, hot churros, you're a very lucky person, indeed. Churros are super-fatty sticks of sugary dough, most of the time filled with custard, chocolate, fruit, or other filling. There's a higher filling:dough ratio than with your average American jelly or creme-filled doughnut, which adds to the delight. Our procurement department recently picked up two strawberry-filled churros: One to eat while still hot from the bakery oven, and the other to wrap in strips of salted pork. Okay, half a churro--we couldn't stop after just one. We had enough to wrap two strips around, so there.

The results
Ladies and gentlemen, we have another winner! It seems the odds of success at BDJ Labs are greatest with doughy, breaded, or otherwise starch-laden test subjects--the bacon soaks into the stuff and teleports it to a higher plane of deliciousness, as was the case with this churro. If you thought a churro couldn't get any fattier, you're wrong--bacon bakin' super-saturated the Mexican sugar stick with grease and bacon flavor, turning the churro into a fiesta for your mouth. This is definitely a treat we would repeat for friends, family, and maybe even people we don't like all that much. Ole, bitchez.

The conclusion: Bacon + churro = muy bueno

Wednesday: Bacon + soft pretzel
Thursday: Bacon + frozen waffle

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  1. I see bacon-wrapped chili relleno and flautas in your future.