Monday, April 6, 2009

Test #130: Bacon and PEEPS

The subject
Look at this poor, unsuspecting Peep--it has no idea what's about to happen to it. On the one hand, we kind of feel sorry for the about-to-be-bacon-baked adorable confection, but on the other hand, it's not like we're new to Peep torture. Head BDJ Lab tech Jenni, for example, has by her own count put hundreds of marshmallow Peeps (both the bunny and the chick kind) to their doom through microwave torture. You could head over to and search "microwave Peep," but it's much more fun to do it yourself--just put a Peep on a 'wave-safe, Pam-sprayed plate, cook for about 0:45, and watch--it's awesome.

Since Peeps are our favorite Easter treat, and they perform so well in the microwave, we wondered how they'd fare if shrouded in bacon. We took one chocolate mousse-flavored Peep and put it to the test.

The result
You may look at the "after" pic at right here and ask, "Where'd the Peep go?" The answer--it melted, pooped out the gaps in what we thought was impeccably wrapped-around bacon, and turned into a blackened, noxious mess on the baking sheet. What was left was a shriveled little husk of bacon--slightly tasty (the lingering sweetness candied the meat), but mostly disappointing. Maybe if we'd pre-baked the bacon in the microwave? We decided this test isn't worth repeating--don't want to waste bacon.

The conclusion: Bacon + Peep = disappointing disappearing act

Tuesday: Bacon + jelly beans
Wednesday: Bacon + Cadbury creme egg


  1. Oh my god, there goes a perfectly good piece of bacon. Just wrap it around cherries, dates, or jalapenos, but not a poor little peep! Have you seen the chocolate filled peeps? It already looks like it's taking a dump in your mouth, but microwaving one would make it look like it has a bad case of diarrhea.

    I'm sorry I've never noticed this site before, and it was just by luck that I hit it while doing a google blog search. This site is so amazingly awesome. Please drop by or http://baconinstitute (or both!) and join us for BAcon Live TV this Wednesday! (see event section of either site)

    I usually write about Bacon Salt ( but other crazy bacon recipes show up here and there. Yesterday we made Chocolate Bacon Coconut bars with Mascarpone maple whipped topping.. oh man, it would have been great with a melted peep on each one, sort of like a holy easter sacrifice to the bacon gods.

  2. Yeah, I feel like I should open the fridge and apologize to the remaining strips of bacon for what we did to their brother. I frankly was expecting better, but such is life and the ways of science--some must be sacrified to learn lessons to benefit the greater good.

    Oh, your mascarpone recipe just gave me a great idea--bacon tiramisu! oooooooh....some Sunday when we're doing bacon recipes, we'll have to try that.

    What city are y'all based in? rocks super hard. Could you please add BDJ to your links list?

  3. Oh, baconnation is run by Heather (who also does and is coming out with the bacon love book)

    omg..bacon tiramisu (droolz) you could wrap the ladyfingers in bacon...OR just add Bacon Salt to the ladyfinger dough...or both...mmmmm

    I'm and you're on my link list and I'm in a horribly boring little town, Brownwood, Texas. (when gas was $4 a gallon last year I gave up my awesome job at Dell and got away from the big city of Austin.)

  4. HEY! don't forget.. Bacon TV/Radio.. Wednesday, 7PM EST (be there an hour early for the pre-show wacky goodness) details at where they had better be doing a review of maple bacon coffee and more.