Monday, April 27, 2009

Test #145: Bacon and CORN DOG

The subject

Arguably the king of foods on a stick is the corn dog. All the processed-meaty goodness of a wiener combined with the fatness of deep frying, with the convenience of a wooden skewer--we should be coming up with more foods that could be rendered so unhealthy and transportable. Santa's Village, the crappy amusement park many of us visited as kids during our Chicago childhood, offered pickle on a stick; however, since it was simply an impaled cucumber, we won't even consider it for our purposes here. If you can think of anything we could stick on a stick and deep fry with bacon wrapped 'round it, please let us know.

The results
We love it when we knock it out of the park two days in a row. The bacon wrapped around the dawg cooked crisp-chewy, seeped delicious grease into the cornmeal batter and made it a zillion times more delectable. The bacon/corn dog was so unbelievably delicious that we forgot for a few moments to wonder what exactly the "beef" wiener at the core of the thing was really made of. This is definitely a treat worthy of serving to bacon-party guests, and of entry into the BDJ Hall of Fame (soon as we start one).

The conclusion: Bacon + corn dog = a big wiener. Get it? "Wiener?" Ha ha ha!

Tuesday: Bacon + churro
Wednesday: Bacon +soft pretzel


  1. again, I have to go to the store for stuff I read about corn dogs...only fudgecicles..arrrr!

  2. I was talking to my grandmother this morning, we thought of bacon-wrapped pancake on a stick, bacon-wrapped potatoes and carrots on a stick, bacon-wrapped smoked sausage on a stick, even a bacon-wrapped squash on a stick would be awesome. Battered and deep fried might even be good if you really want to add some extra artery plaque...mmmmmmm artery plaque.

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