Thursday, April 30, 2009

Test #148: Bacon and FROZEN WAFFLE

The subject
The frozen waffle falls second to the fresh-made version--particularly when it's made by someone else (cleaning a waffle iron being a giant asspain). This could explain the popularity of Waffle House. It's an especially favored locale for drunken brawls; rapper Kid Rock was cuffed post-scuffle there two years ago. We understand why the inebriated flock there--breakfast food is a great hangover block--but we'd think a plate full of waffles and bacon would soothe the savage, sloshed beasts. Happily, at least once, a Waffle House hosted a happy event, rather than a violent one--click the waffle-rings photo to view a Waffle House wedding album.

The results
Lazy bums we, we picked a blueberry Eggo Nutri-Grain waffle, rather than making our own (the purported health benefits of fiber partially compensating for our lack of cooking effort). You'd think the direct pairing of waffle and bacon would be a marriage made in heaven, considering the two foods make such good platemates. However, the taste was a letdown--especially considering the lackluster results of this test marks an end to our unprecedented streak of superawesome bacon matchups. We ended up picking apart the waffle (delicious) from the bacon (megatasty), but the two didn't meld well, and our staff is at a loss to explain why--it just tasted, in the words of our most eloquent BDJ lab tech, "off." Oh, well--they can't all have happy endings.

The conclusion: Bacon + frozen waffle = letdown

Friday: Bacon + brownie
Saturday: Bacon + Wheat Thin

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