Thursday, April 2, 2009

Test #127: Bacon and MUNCHKIN

The subject
A Munchkin is a fabulous invention--a concentrated tidbit of doughnutty goodness contained within a package that's small enough to fit in your mouth in one bite. When head BDJ Labs staffer Jenni lived in Schaumburg, she'd stop at the Dunkin Donuts at Plum Grove and Schaumburg Rds. Not only would the nice Indian ladies behind the counter have her "the usual" order ready when she walked in the door, they'd also frequently give her a few plain Munchkins, to disperse between her dogs (barking loudly in the car outside), and the ducks that frequented the strip-mall bushes.

Well, ducks and dogs love Munchkins, and so do humans--but would we love them more, or less, if they were wrapped in bacon?

The result
As it turns out, we loved them not more, or less--just differently. The bacon did the sweet glazed/raised Munchkin we selected for the test justice, imparting just a touch of bacony goodness into the pastry. The doughnut hole got just a tad too greasy, however, so while unadorned Munchkins are easily consumed en masse (the way God intended), not even the heartiest baconeater among us could down more than one of these, as awesome as they were.

The conclusion: Bacon + munchkin = sweet little treat

Friday: White Castle "slider"
Saturday: Wendy's Baconater

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