Friday, April 10, 2009

Test #134: Bacon and MARSHMALLOW BUNNY

The subject
When we were youngsters, our favorite omnipresent Easter basket treat was marshmallow eggs. The candy was good, nothing special, but the marshmallow ovoid treats, coated with a thin veil of waxy chocolate, were packaged in a REAL egg carton. Well, we just thought that was boss. Feeling all nostalgic, we decided to give our beloved fave the bacon treatment--but we couldn't find them. Our procurement department searched high and low, to no avail. Disappointment, but not deterred, we settled for Brach's marshmallow bunnies. They're not exactly the same--the eggs, when put in the freezer, would get hard and brittle, like a Charleston Chew, while the bunnies just get insanely tough--but they're close enough for our quasi-scientific purposes.

The result
We wrapped this test subject tightly, but most of the sweet chemical goo squeezed out the end and turned into a charrific pool. The bacon remaining, however, was graced with a touch of sweetness, so it wasn't a total loss. One thing: We wish the chocolate were more than just a thin layer, so that there would have been more sweet, gushy chocolaty goodness. We suspect, however, that the sheer awesomeness of the Cadbury Creme Egg might have ruined us for all other chocolate-related bacon tests. In the case of this marshmallow bunny, we'd rather eat just plain bacon. Sorry, Mr. Bunny.

The conclusion: Bacon + marshmallow bunny = just okay

Saturday: Bacon + Easter egg
Sunday: This week's Bacon Bit


  1. It's like a chocolate bunny and Peep torturefest over there! If only there was a high quality chocolate bunny with at least 60% cocoa.

    Wait, what if you wrapped bacon around that $12 bacon chocolate bar?! Would it be as frightening as turning on the Large Hadron Collider?! Would we go back in time?!

  2. That's funny--I asked the Bacon Salt guys once what would happen if I sprinkled some on a strip of bacon.

    I actually have a Mo's Bacon Bar in reserve, and I was gonna write about it for this Sunday's Bacon Bit--maybe I'll subject it to the test, too. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Awesome! But maybe not the wrap it and bake it thing... be nice to it and just melt the bar and pour over mounds of crumbled bacon...nom nom nom!

    I poured fine chocolate over mounds of those little crunchy shoestring potatoes in a can... that's heavenly too.