Saturday, April 11, 2009

Test #135: Bacon and EASTER EGG

The subject
Bacon and eggs are a classic combo--one of our favorite meals, at breakfast or any other time. And, one of our favorite things about Easter is dyeing the eggs. Each egg in the carton presents its white-shell canvas as an opportunity to make something pretty with the colored water, the wax stick (labeled the "Magic Crayon" by the Paas people), and your imagination. The bacon-looking creation at left was crafted by BDJ Labs associate Rebecca--the photo doesn't do it justice, believe you us. We were almost reluctant to subject this particular masterpiece to the bacon test, until we accidentally dropped it on the floor. Gravity and the kitchen floor ruined the beautiful shell and made the decision for us.

The result
Yum--the bacon-wrapped egg was like portable breakfast. It tasted just like the one-two combo we like so much on our morning plates, with one exception: Most of us here at BDJ Labs like our yolk on the runny side, but that wasn't possible with more than 20 minutes of oven baking, after about as long hard-boiling the poor thing. Even so, the outer layer of bacon cooked up crisp-crunchy, the inner layer a little softer. The two coupled with the egg for something we think would make the perfect treat for your Easter breakast or brunch tomorrow--feel free to steal this idea and treat your guests to something special.

The conclusion: Bacon + Easter egg = delish

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  1. Woohoo I made these today and they were amazing! I did use barely-boiled eggs though, so the result was fabulous.